2O2O Concerts

Armidale Music Foundation Choral Weekend
7 and 8 March
Saint-Saens Messe de Requiem
Directed by Paul Holley
Saint-Saens Bacchanale from Samson and Delilah

Saturday 19 September 7.30 pm
Sunday 20 September 3 pm

NECOM Auditorium
Copland Appalachian Spring
Grainger Green Bushes
Boyce Symphony No. 1 
Conductors: Robert Jackson and Kees Grenyer

Saturday 21 November
7 pm Ex-Services Club
Combined Big Band concert
Conductor: Paul Marshall

Past Concerts

A list of details of many past concerts may be downloaded here
Programs of many past concerts can be downloaded here.

Works performed by the Armidale Symphony Orchestra listed in alphabetical order of composer may be downloaded here. Details include the date, conductor and soloist where relevant.

Conductor's Guidelines

The details of Guidelines for Conductors may be down load here.